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VNS News

CB Post - Beach volleyball courts still a possibility on Sydney waterfront.
February 24th
“When cruise ships come in they don’t see anything, they see an empty boardwalk with no storefronts. I also see it is a way of helping our community and our downtown core to be a little more vibrant.” - Margaret Morrison
Championships Registration has Opened!
February 16th
Registration is now open for the 2017 Nova Scotia Scotia Championships!
We're Hiring Summer Students
February 15th
Volleyball Nova Scotia is seeking applications for the Summer Program Coordinator and Beach Volleyball Coordinator positions.
Super Series Update
February 10th
We have been monitoring the winter storm situation for Nova Scotia. The incoming storm has forced us to make some schedule adjustments to the tournaments in Bridgewater and Antigonish.
My Focus Concussion Campaign on Global News Morning.
February 9th
 Volleyball Nova Scotia Executive Director Jason Trepanier sits down with Dave Squires and Paul Brothers of Global News to speak about the My Focus concussion awareness campaign.
My Focus - Mia Fortin and Alex Oyler
February 7th
"I was home with Alex almost 24/7 during this time. It means that what you normally do as a family is put on hold."
My Focus - Jane Delahunt
February 4th
“The only time I had visitors was when my parents would bring me meals. I remember begging them to stay in the room just a bit longer because I was lonely”
My Focus - Katie Wagar
February 3rd
“I didn’t react fast enough and it hit me in the face. I remember being extremely dizzy and I could barely open my eyes or walk.”
My Focus - Olivia Cullip
February 2nd
"Months of built up frustration from sitting out, the concussions reoccurring and my fear of never playing again left me with what I thought was my only choice. I lied."